Steam Room and Steam bath Print

hydrothermal_garden_-_brine_cavernsmallOften in the steam room the guest is transported back to steam experiences from another age. With its exotic aroma mingling with the gentle flow of steam, relaxe in this wonderful atmosphere. After taking a shower the guest enters this glistening world of vapour, exotic aromas and gentle radiant heat. After perspiring for about 10 minutes the guest is refreshed by splashing cold water over their body. Guests should allow 20-30 minutes to enjoy this area of the Thermal Baths. Accommodating 8-10 people with a temperature range of 42-45ºC.

The steam room can be a meditative Roman bathing experience stimulating and promoting blood circulation and detoxification. It offers an intensive steam which stimulates the blood circulation and initiates a purifying and detoxifying process combined with aromatherapy treatment. Relax and unwind in the steam room whilst gazing at the twinkling ‘starry’ domed ceiling and inhaling the rich essences.

All steam rooms are purpose made to the client's requirements