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... does it cost to heat and run these thermal units.A large sauna running for 10 hours with a constant dropping of temperature because of poor insulation and door openings will cost the client a considerable ...
2. Caldarium
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Based upon a Roman type steam room with vapours of moist eucalyptus seating up to ten guests, depending on the spa design,with an optimal temperature range of 42-45ºC. The Caldarium is based on the same ...
3. Tepidarium and Heated Loungers
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A relaxing room with a temperature of 39ºC and containing: Ceramic couches Heated contoured ceramic couches are designed to relax the guest after the Thermal Baths. The benefits of the couches are that ...
4. Hydrothermspa Spa Design and Services
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... , wall covering, ceiling, electrical requirements (plugs, sockets, light switches and dimmers, sound systems), ventilation, drainage, water supply, telecommunications, aromas, temperature control, room ...
5. Hydrotherm Spa Experiences
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... rain forest climate of 50ºC and 65% humidity. The spa operator will be able to advise the client at which temperature the cabin is operating at any given time. Enjoy the greatest heat on the upper bench ...
6. Hydropools
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The mineral Hydropool will have a 2-3% mineral salt content and will be operated at a temperature of 35ºC. The pool can be equipped with: The Airbed/Recliner Constructed of perforated tubes, from which ...
7. Snow Room
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... heated floor allow one to sit down on the benches surrounding the ice fountain to cool down the body temperature. The ice fountain, where you’ll find ice flakes falling into a sculptured bowl is a perfect ...
8. Mud Rooms Rasul
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... from an ante-Chamber. On entering the preheated air is dry. After the application and drying of the muds, steam and herbal essence are injected into the chamber and the temperature will rise to around ...
9. Spa Engineering
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... electrical requirements (sockets, light switches and dimmers, sound systems), ventilation, drainage, water supply, telecommunications, aromas, temperature control, room access, retail display, disability ...
10. Steam Room and Steam bath
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... should allow 20-30 minutes to enjoy this area of the Thermal Baths. Accommodating 8-10 people with a temperature range of 42-45ºC. The steam room can be a meditative Roman bathing experience stimulating ...
... between 10-20 minutes, whereas the traditional sauna will take a minimum of half an hour to be ready for the first guest. It takes longer to start perspiring in an infrared sauna as the temperatures are ...
12. Laconium
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A relaxing dry environment designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Roman sauna. The Laconium temperature operates around 65ºC and is capable of seating 6-8 people. Guests spend about 20 minutes enjoying ...
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