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Telephone number of Michael Quinn +44 (0)777 5712489
You can chat with an advisor at any time. If we are online, just click on the above button and we can have a Skype chat to discuss your requirements.  If you don't have Skype get it here http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/windows/
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... does it cost to heat and run these thermal units.A large sauna running for 10 hours with a constant dropping of temperature because of poor insulation and door openings will cost the client a considerable ...
2. What we do at Hydrothermspa
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... and, in particular, prepare technical Spa design drawings, including loads for the engineers, from a complete spa layout to an individual spa experience. These may include the steam room, traditional saunas, ...
3. Hydrotherm Spa Experiences
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Saunas- Our beautiful Hemlock sauna constructed in true Finnish Sauna style has a variable tropical climate ranging from very hot at 85ºC or 95ºC with 50-55% humidity through to a temperate ...
4. Saunas
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Our beautiful Hemlock cabin constructed in true Finnish Sauna style has a variable tropical climate ranging from very hot at 85ºC or 95ºC with 50-55% humidity through to a temperate rain forest climate ...
... before it leaves for site. However all steam rooms, saunas, showers are usually then flat packed and taken to site for ease of handling. Depending on the spa design some units are tiled in the factory ...
  Lighting has become an essential part of spa design. Long gone have the simple corner lights in the sauna. Lighting accentuates and adds mood. Modern systems can adapt during the day and evening ...
What are the basic differences? The traditional timber sauna normally operates at around 80-100 degrees C and this heat from a stove is used to heat the air in the room. The Infra red sauna however, is ...
8. Spa Projects
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... pedicure and manicure areas. The 1,500-square metre spa also houses a fitness centre with a mixed and ladies-only gym, yoga studio, experience shower, sauna, steam rooms and luxurious relaxation areas. ...
9. Laconium
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A relaxing dry environment designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Roman sauna. The Laconium temperature operates around 65ºC and is capable of seating 6-8 people. Guests spend about 20 minutes enjoying ...
... sought on re designing many aspects of the club including, lobby furniture, complete refurbishment of the spa showers, steam room, sauna and spa relaxation areas. The brief included a structural report ...
Hydrothermspa Ltd, Royal Oak House, High Street, Watlington, OX495QB, UK
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