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Telephone number of Michael Quinn +44 (0)777 5712489
You can chat with an advisor at any time. If we are online, just click on the above button and we can have a Skype chat to discuss your requirements.  If you don't have Skype get it here http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/windows/
Hydrothermspa Spa Design and Services PDF Print

Spa Engineering -

Cut Sheets with specifications for each room or experience within the spa including special equipment and specialty rooms. Specifications include information on; floor covering , wall covering, ceiling, electrical requirements (plugs, sockets, light switches and dimmers, sound systems), ventilation, drainage, water supply, telecommunications, aromas, temperature control, room access, retail display, disability requirements and emergency equipment (lighting and call buttons).


Spa Project Management -

To insure that there are no misunderstandings between equipment supplier and site. Supervision We provide professionals from the construction industry to assist local labor during the installation phase of the project. Review of technical manuals for maintenance staff. Review maintenance procedures. Review cleaning routines. Attending opening and assisting with opening operations. Joint site inspection with client during critical milestones with written report. Inspection of installed units and full snagging with site and installation engineers. Pre-opening “hand hold” to include detailed checking of all aspects of the new spa including technical checking and final snagging for all areas within the spa.


Spa and Pool Design -

Review of an existing spa or proposed new architectural design. Review the flow of the spa area, give a point of interest, review of the balance of the treatment, thermal and hydro area. Differentiate the spa with features, themes, from other competing spas. Add retail and other spa related profitable experiences. Separate the calm and active areas. Planning of plant room location.Water Experiences Hydropools with stainless steel loungers, Body Jets Massage stations, Salt Water Treatment pool, Specialized sea water, Thalasso pools, Cold Plunge pools,Watsu pool, Hot tubs Spa pool that can transform into a fitness area, Float suite (with natural or dead sea salt water).



Spa Costs & Financials -

Provide a detailed estimate for each of the spa experiences allowing our customers to understand what is included in the cost of the building. This gives the budget needed to manufacture and install thermal and hydro spa experiences. Allows the customer to plan on what their main contractor will be expected to provide (ventilation, power, water, electrical, drainage and plumbing).We provide costs for Treatment Room equipment and furnishings, Thermal cabin and hydro pool quotations and ongoing consumable costs. We can provide budgets for overheads and running costs and incorporate into a Profit and Loss account. We can assist in providing financial plans for potential investors.


Spa Consultants

Our spa consultants will include for planning of the spa flow, separating the calm and active areas of the spa. The hydropools, wet areas, thermal areas, locker rooms, reception, access, security,and retail areas. The spa consultant will undertake a review of the balance of hydro, thermal and treatment and fitness areas.We allow for the appropriate space for each spa experience and retail profit center area. The spa consultant also plans for the technical space and the back of house areas and planning of the plant room location.We can create a visual view of spa experience interiors. 3D images and or 3D videos, allows clients and investors to see the colors and finishing of the interiors for each of the spa experiences and furniture before the start of manufacturing allowing changes to be easily made. Please email us your contact details and one of our spa consultants will be in contact with you.


Spa Retail Services

Hydrothermspa will provide a comprehensive report on the potential of the retail income and advice of suitable products houses. Retail within the spa is essential and not only the correct products should be offered to guests but also the design of retail outlets within the reception and spa areas is critical.. We can provide the design for these areas and advise on bespoke manufacturing of retail and reception areas. We can also produce a mystery shopper experience..


Spa Towels & Robes & Slippers

A most important service to clients. Not only do towels, robes and slippers say something about your spa, but they are a source of advertising and another source of income. We supply a bespoke range of products and can supply a range of qualities and additional logos. Towels and robes are one of the first and last feelings that a spa user will remember the spa by. Colour and quality of the robes, slippers and towels is all part of the design of the spa and the treatment room. Robes and towels from your spa should be available in your retail area,


Hydrothermspa Ltd, Royal Oak House, High Street, Watlington, OX495QB, UK
London Office +44(0)1491 613050  Paris Office +33(0)607490872

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