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Tspringshydropoolhe mineral Hydropool will have a 2-3% mineral salt content and will be operated at a temperature of 35ºC. The pool can be equipped with: The Airbed/Recliner Constructed of perforated tubes, from which hundreds of air bubbles are released. The bed is an anatomically perfect construction, equipped with a compressor, and is designed to be used as an underwater lounger. The thousands of soft air-bubbles promote a high degree of humidity with a high content of salt. The hydropool is a very relaxing experience, and guests who suffer from respiratory problems will benefit. Furthermore the hydropool promotes an increase in blood circulation enabling clients to relax and benefit while in a reclining position. The hydropool It is a highly sociable activity without imposed time limit allowing the client to be invigorated and pampered. A large hydropool needs to be incorporated into the spa design from the outset.

Hydropool Neck and shouwhirlpoolsmalllders are very vulnerable parts of the body where most people experience stiffness or pain from time to time, usually related to stress and pressure. The neck massage fountain within the hydropool is operated by a pump and designed with a large round but unpressurised gentle soft water stream to achieve a regular massage. The neck massage fountain is used by guests, who stand underneath the fountain and massage the stiff or painful areas of their necks and shoulders. This fountain activates circulation and therefore releases aches and pains. This produces a sensation of immediate relief.

Hydropool Body jets: These massage jets are placed at different heights within the hydro-pool walls. One pump is used to feed the massage jets with a powerful stream of water. Guests can choose the appropriate height of jets in order to massage the desired part of the body.

Hydropool Air tub (Whirl): The Whirl tub has on average a diameter of 1.2m and is activated by a compressor. Located within the hydro-pool, thousands of air bubbles come out with great force from the stainless steel plate fixed on the floor, massaging the feet, legs and entire body. Guests lean against or hold on to the handrails along the wall of the tub.

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