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Welcome to the HydrothermSpa News Page

Welcome! This is the HydrothermSpa News Page where our advisors
will be writing down their thoughts on a regular basis. You can also
submit your own content here and it will appear automatically in the
blog after editors approval.
How Spa Design affects the costs of running a Spa PDF Print

One of the key cost elements in the spa design that is sometimes overlooked is " How much is this spa costing me to run?" Salaries and overheads for the building are usually easily found out but how spreadsheet200x150much does it cost to heat and run these thermal units.A large sauna running for 10 hours with a constant dropping of temperature because of poor insulation and door openings will cost the client a considerable amount each month. A sauna stove maybe rated at 25 k watts and rates for electrical power can be very costly.Similarly a steam generator uses a lot of power to run. The more steam, the more the costs.This is on top of the energy required for such items as heated floors and benches or walls within the thermal rooms. During the spa design process this element can be incorporated into spa systems. It is therefore essential that during the spa design or consultancy phase that this crucial part of the technical design is incorporated into the overall spa or wellness planning.

Education and training for Spa Managers PDF Print

There are basically three types of training required for the modern spa with a thermal/wet treatment area and treatment rooms. Spa Management Training, Therapist Training, Technical training. In theory the Spa Manager should have a knowledge of all these areas, including elements of spa design. The Spa Manager needs to be trained in a variety of management skills and these should include:


Team motivation, organisational skills and financial management, especially understanding the Profit and Loss of the business and of course, Operating Budgets. Recruitment and in house staff training methods and evaluating staff by monitoring their performance.Skills in customer service are paramount as is conflict management when things get difficult. A spa manager will have to be educated in Marketing Management to be able to promote and sell the benefits and services of the spa. Those skills will include the promotional /marketing budget and liaising with those respective companies who help advertise and promote the establishment. Computer skills are a must for the Spa Manager including the reservation software and how "point of sale" software integrates into the system. Many of the software packages are very flexible and should generate the information that the Spa Manager requires. In terms of the operation of the spa treatment rooms the Spa Manager has to fully understand the level and quality of treatments required by the spa and by the guests. The manager has to help and adjust the Spa Treatment Menu and review what treatments are working and ultimately bringing in revenue. The Spa Manager has to understand retail and the combination of spa packages. The Manager has to understand how the staff promotes products for home use and above all the Spa Manager at times will have to be assertive but fair and communicate effectively with guests when things don't go according to plan.


Spa Design Influence on Build in the factory or build on site PDF Print


What are the advantages or disadvantages of the different methods of construction in the modern spa. The main differences are are usually quality control. A factory made product will buildonsite200x150be inspected before it leaves for site. However all steam rooms, saunas, showers are usually then flat packed and taken to site for ease of handling. Depending on the spa design some units are tiled in the factory and others tiled on site. On site work requires skilled craftsmen and good supervision. A product built off site isn't constrained by the site readiness and can be put aside until site is ready.. With building on site the programme from the main contractor is much more important. Finishes are paramount. The client and guests see the finished walls or flooring - not the engineering behind it.

How important is lighting to Spa Design within the spa PDF Print

Lighting has become an essential part of spa design. Long gone have the simple corner lights in the sauna. Lighting accentuates and adds mood. Modern systems can adapt during the day and desert_pool_villa200x150evening and adjust lighting parameters within the spa. The lighting engineer is more of a computer programmer than ever before and working with the interior designer and architect is able to produce effects from subtle to dramatic. Spa design in this area has changed dramatically over the last few years. Architects and interior designers fully appreciate how important Spa design and lighting has become to the overall feel and effectiveness of the modern spa


Spa Design - Traditional sauna or Infra red PDF Print

What are the basic differences? The traditional timber sauna normally operates at around 80-100 degrees C and this heat from a stove is used to heat the air in the room. The Infra red sauna200x150sauna however, is actually heating the body directly and not the air. In the traditional sauna water is introduced on top of the heat source to add humidity to the air. The time for heating the infra red sauna is usually between 10-20 minutes, whereas the traditional sauna will take a minimum of half an hour to be ready for the first guest. It takes longer to start perspiring in an infrared sauna as the temperatures are much lower. The spa design has to take this into account as , it can for example impact on such areas as electrical load and water consumption and non slip surfaces.

Mystery Shopper PDF Print

Hydrothermspa have been retained by a hotel group to undertake mystery shopper/guest appraisals. The company has been asked to gauge the quality and standard of service offered businessman-and-question-marksmby the establishments. In addition to a full report on each site, a detailed technical review will be carried out. Areas covered will be the guest experience from first contact, to arriving at the spa reception to the treatments on offer. The report includes reviewing the current spa design and layout of the spa, the treatment room decor and the current state of the thermal experiences. The aim of the review is to improve customer satisfaction, enhance the offer from the client and increase overall revenue. A particular area to be reviewed is the retail offer and how it is presented to the guest. Contact us and we will discuss a tailor made itinerary for you and your establishment. After the mystery shopper exercise has been completed a full confidential report is sent to you with recommendations.

Spa Consultancy Project and Spa Design PDF Print

Hydrothermspa has completed a major new spa consultancy project for a prestigious Paris club.

One of the oldest and most prestigious private clubs appointed the company as spa consultants. Advice was sought on re designing many aspects of the club including, lobby furniture, complete refurbishment of the spa showers, steaparis2smallm room, sauna and spa relaxation areas. The brief included a structural report and an environmental report on the levels of potential toxic substances in the building; this included testing for lead and asbestos.

The structural report has shown that there is considerable refurbishment work needed to be carried out to the fabric of the building including the reinforcing of metal and the concrete floors, damaged by the ingress of water and failure of the concrete mixture over time. Once the structural work is finished the reinstatement of the spa will take place and on completion. again be open to members.

Welcome to the Hydrothermspa Blog Page PDF Print

Welcome! This is the Hydrothermspa Blog Page where our advisors
will be writing down their thoughts on a regular basis. You can also
submit your own content here and it will appear automatically in the
blog after editors approval.

Hydrothermspa in Dubai PDF Print

Having previously been at a major Spa Exhibition in Dubai, the company is looking for a suitable firm to work with to help develop the market in the region. Hydrothermspa has recently h0200x150been involved in major 5 star hotel projects in Kuwait and Bahrain. We have experienced installation teams who will install, commission and maintain your spa as required. Please contact directly through this website and we will contact you for further details to try to assist you.We welcome inquiries from interested companies.


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