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You can chat with an advisor at any time. If we are online, just click on the above button and we can have a Skype chat to discuss your requirements.  If you don't have Skype get it here http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/windows/

Hydrothermspa Spa Design


Review of an existing spa or proposed new architectural design. Review the flow of the spa area, give a point of interest, review of the balance of the treatment, thermal and hydro area. Differentiate the spa with features, themes, from other competing spas. Incorporate lighting, thermal features, water attractions and reception and retail layout.

Hydrothermspa Spa Consultants

consultingAt Hydrothermspa we are able to offer a full range of technical consultancy services for the spa industry. From initial concepts to full technical drawings and specifications. This allows other team members to fully integrate services including water and drainage, air supply and exhaust, lighting, control systems and power.


Hydrothermspa Heated Loungers


Heated loungers for relaxing around the spa. Ergonomically designed to assist in unwinding. The surface of the lounger is a smooth mosaic or marble. Each lounger has the option of being thermostatically controlled by the guest. The lounger can be heated  electrically or through heated water. The units are easy to clean and maintain. 

The Steam Room

conceptdesignSteam rooms are one of the most effective and relaxing thermal areas within a spa. The volume of steam, the lighting and the essence in the air make this a very special experience for the guest. These rooms must be designed carefully as water, steam,ventilation, heating and lighting play a vital role.

The Spa Concept

conceptdesignOur consultancy includes planning of the spa flow, separating the calm and active areas of the spa. The hydropools, wet areas, thermal areas, locker rooms, reception, access, security,and retail areas. Review of the balance of hydro, thermal and treatment and fitness areas. We can work in conjunction with the architect.

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Hydrothermspa are the leaders in the manufacturing and installation of exclusive spa experiences to the Hotel spa, Destination spa, Day spa and Resort spa. Hydrothermspa are hydrothermal-garden-naturesable to undertake Spa Design, and, in particular, prepare technical Spa design drawings, including loads for the engineers, from a complete spa layout to an individual spa experience. These may include the steam room, traditional saunas, infra red saunas, laconium, caldarium, experience showers, ice fountains, heated loungers, hydropools, relaxation areas and plunge pools including pool filtration. We design and build waterwalls, hydropool attractions, spa and pool lighting, pool filtration and supply gym and fitness equipment.If your spa design is underway we can assist as a spa consultant and appraise all your spa designs and drawings from a layout and technical viewpoint.We can collaborate with your architect or contractor for all of the wet areas within your spa. Hydrothermspa will provide products for your spa, including aromas and beauty products. We provide advice on retail layout and on product supply companies.
Spa Consultancy Project and Spa Design PDF Print
Written by Michael Quinn   
Thursday, 31 January 2019 00:00

Hydrothermspa has completed a major new spa consultancy project for a prestigious Paris club.

One of the oldest and most prestigious private clubs appointed the company as spa consultants. Advice was sought on re designing many aspects of the club including, lobby furniture, complete refurbishment of the spa showers, steaparis2smallm room, sauna and spa relaxation areas. The brief included a structural report and an environmental report on the levels of potential toxic substances in the building; this included testing for lead and asbestos.

The structural report has shown that there is considerable refurbishment work needed to be carried out to the fabric of the building including the reinforcing of metal and the concrete floors, damaged by the ingress of water and failure of the concrete mixture over time. Once the structural work is finished the reinstatement of the spa will take place and on completion. again be open to members.

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 January 2019 18:14
How Spa Design affects the costs of running a Spa PDF Print
Friday, 01 February 2019 00:00

One of the key cost elements in the spa design that is sometimes overlooked is " How much is this spa costing me to run?" Salaries and overheads for the building are usually easily found out but how spreadsheet200x150much does it cost to heat and run these thermal units.A large sauna running for 10 hours with a constant dropping of temperature because of poor insulation and door openings will cost the client a considerable amount each month. A sauna stove maybe rated at 25 k watts and rates for electrical power can be very costly.Similarly a steam generator uses a lot of power to run. The more steam, the more the costs.This is on top of the energy required for such items as heated floors and benches or walls within the thermal rooms. During the spa design process this element can be incorporated into spa systems. It is therefore essential that during the spa design or consultancy phase that this crucial part of the technical design is incorporated into the overall spa or wellness planning.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 February 2019 13:00
Spa Design - Traditional sauna or Infra red PDF Print
Friday, 01 February 2019 00:00

What are the basic differences? The traditional timber sauna normally operates at around 80-100 degrees C and this heat from a stove is used to heat the air in the room. The Infra red sauna200x150sauna however, is actually heating the body directly and not the air. In the traditional sauna water is introduced on top of the heat source to add humidity to the air. The time for heating the infra red sauna is usually between 10-20 minutes, whereas the traditional sauna will take a minimum of half an hour to be ready for the first guest. It takes longer to start perspiring in an infrared sauna as the temperatures are much lower. The spa design has to take this into account as , it can for example impact on such areas as electrical load and water consumption and non slip surfaces.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 February 2019 12:59
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